Image courtesy of the Society for the Appreciation of Ukyou, Cuteness Embodied

        Contrary to what the above picture may indicate, no, I am not a spatula-wielding martial artist. However, I do like the character Ukyou from Ranma 1/2. She's strong, smart, and not afraid to take action. I'm not quite as bold a personality as she is, but I know I'd get a big kick out of whacking people with a giant cooking utensil.

        I'm currently a graduate student researching sockeye salmon in Alaska. You may be wondering, what kind of graduate student has the time to work on an anime fansite? Fair question. Some people seem to be amused my site, so I keep it up for them. Plus the tarot deck I started three years ago still isn't finished, and I like to complete the things that I start.

        Thanks for visiting!