Genderless or Just Plain Cute Bots

Star Wars Okay, so C3PO is male android, but he wanted to be on the same page as R2D2. He's rather fretful for a robot, so don't subject him to stressful adventures unless the fate of the universe depends on it.
Star Wars R2D2 is a cute little robot who doesn't like to be separated from C3PO. He's quite good at fixing things and delivering holographic messages from damsels in distress.
Chrono Trigger Robo is a good-natured robot who's learning to express his emotions. He gets along well with frogs and cave women.
Final Fantasy VII Cait Sith is a fortune-telling cat robot who rides a giant moogle. He's an excellent fighter and magic user and can also cheer you on at sporting events.
Doraemon Doraemon is blue robot cat with no ears. He can pull all sorts of cool gadgets from his "universal pocket" and is good at getting idiotic kids out of scrapes.
Doraemon Dorami is Doraemon's younger sister. Unlike him, she has ears.
Ghost in the Shell The Puppetmaster is an electronic entity that became self-aware on the Net. It wants to experience life as a human, so don't be surprised if it tries to merge with any other cyborgs you own.

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