Male Bots

Megaman The original Megaman with his trusty pea shooter and cute helmet. If you give him plenty of power pellets, he'll kill any pesky robot for you.
Megaman X This is MegamanX, maverick robot hunter extraordinaire! He's a souped up version Megaman who can fire huge gun blasts and jump higher than a kangaroo.
Megaman Zero is Megaman's friend and partner in maverick hunting. His fighting skills are exemplary, but you'll need to brush his hair every day.
Megaman Bass would make a welcome addition to any acapella group. However, he was originally designed to be Megaman's enemy, so watch out for his dark side.
Megaman Protoman was built before Megaman, hence the name. He's somewhat aloof, though he'll come to your aid when you need it.
Star Trek Data is an amazing android who can navigate a starship and deal a mean hand of poker. He needs someone to help him get in touch with his human side.
Inspector Gadget Go go Gadget copter! Go go Gadget screwdriver! Inspector Gadget is handy to have around the house, but don't have him solve any crimes for you unless his niece Penny and his dog Brain are around.
Ninku This is Fuusuke, a wind ninja from a relatively obscure anime. You wouldn't know it from his polite personality, but he can conjure tornadoes that will knock your socks off.

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